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Kelly Miller (University of Virginia)

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Another possibility is to return structures to their original appearance based on historic evidence. Jefferson’s design for Pavilion X, inspired by the Theater of Marcellus and the Temple of Nerva Trajan in Rome, featured a parapet crowning the…

Photograph of Varsity Hall in use as a fraternity house, 1901
B. Altman & Company
U.Va. Visual History Collection

Photograph of the eastern view of the University of Virginia showing the Rotunda Annex and Long Walk, 1872
Edwin M. Betts Memorial Collection of University of Virginia Prints (MSS 7073)

Photograph of Brooks Museum, 1890
U.Va. Visual History Collection

“Plan of University Cleared Land,” 1858
William Abbott Pratt
Ink and watercolor on paper, 18 x 23 in.
University Archives (RG-31/1/2:2.532)