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Photograph of the University Chapel under construction, 1889
J.T. Wampler, photographer
U.Va. Visual History Collection

Photograph of Varsity Hall in use as a fraternity house, 1901
B. Altman & Company
U.Va. Visual History Collection

Plan for lecture halls at the University of Virginia, 1840
John Hartwell Cocke
Ink on paper, 12 ½ x 10 in.
(MSS 11996)

“Plan of University Cleared Land,” 1858
William Abbott Pratt
Ink and watercolor on paper, 18 x 23 in.
University Archives (RG-31/1/2:2.532)

Section of the Rotunda Annex, 1851
Robert Mills, architect
Ink on paper
Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Montgomery C. Meigs Papers


Side elevation of Brooks Museum, 1876
John Rochester Thomas, architect; signed
Ink and wash on paper, 15 x 21 in.
University Archives (RG-31/1/2.872)

Photograph of stained glass windows in the University Chapel, 1994
Small mandorla window by Louis Comfort Tiffany, large windows by J. & R. Lamb and Sons
Courtesy of Richard Guy Wilson

Subscription for proposed University chapel, 1858
William Abbott Pratt, architect; signed
Ink on paper, 18 1/8 x 20 ½ in.
University Archives (RG-31/1/2:1/771)

Photograph of the University gymnastics team in front of Fayerweather Gymnasium, 1913
Rufus W. Holsinger, photographer
The Holsinger Studio Collection (MSS 9862)

“View of the University of Virginia … Taken from Lewis Mountain, Charlottesville, Virginia,” 1856
Edward Sachse, draftsman; Casimir Bohn, publisher
Lithograph, 18 x 26 ¾ in.
Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History (Broadside 1856 .B64)
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