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Photograph of the murals at Clark Hall, ca. 2007
Allyn Cox, artist
Courtesy of Communications, U.Va. Library


Postcard of the Virginia vs. Georgia game at Lambeth Field, 1914
(MSS 11425-o)


Portrait of Fiske Kimball (1888-1955), ca. 1925
Philadelphia Museum of Art
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Photograph of Memorial Gymnasium with reflecting pool, ca. 1924-1940
Holsinger’s Studio, photographer
University Archives (RG-30/1/3.942)

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Photograph of the Senff Gates bordering “The Corner,” ca. 1920s
A.J. Weed, photographer
University Archives (RG-30/1/3.913)

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Photograph of the Alderman Library construction site showing the University Chapel and the Anatomical Theater (demolished in 1939), 1937
John Kevan Peebles, photographer and supervising architect
John Kevan Peebles Papers (MSS 8422-a)

Front and south elevations of the Bayly Art Museum, 1933
Edmund S. Campbell and R.E. Lee Taylor, architects; D.A.L., draftsman
Blueprint, 23 ¾ x 28 ¾ in.
University Archives (RG-31/1/2:15.761)

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Photograph of a boxing match at Memorial Gymnasium, n.d.
(MSS 6838-b)

Detail of an Alderman Library plot plan showing several now-demolished buildings: Miller Hall (Biological Lab), the Anatomical Theater (Old Medical Building), and a gatekeeper’s cottage (“Chateau Front and Back”), 1936
Blueprint, 31 x 41 ½…

Detail of Memorial Gymnasium elevations, 1922
Architectural Commission, architects; W.R.C., draftsman
Ink on linen, 30 ½ x 47 ¾ in.
University Archives (RG-31/1/2:28.891)

Rendering of the north elevation of Alderman Library, ca. 1930s
Printed rendering, 12 ¾ x 20 ¼ in.
(MSS 9097)
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