When the Victory Loan campaign opened on April 21, 1919 the war had been over for more than five months. However, over 2 million American doughboys remained in France and Germany requiring the country’s continued attention and sustenance until they returned home safely. The government’s final push for bond subscriptions advertised in its Victory Loan poster campaign served a dual purpose: to encourage continued support of soldiers at home, and to construct a new image of America abroad.  At home, posters urged Americans to continue to engage in many wartime activities, such food and fuel conservation and buying bonds, despite the fact that the war had ended. Posters displayed American Expeditionary Force soldiers standing guard in Germany and Navy sailors on the high seas alongside text that read “To the folks back home - we are finishing our job, are you finishing yours?” Others pictured coal and steel workers, women preserving food and tending to victory gardens, and munitions workers answering the call by claiming “Sure! We’ll finish the job!”