South and west elevations of Memorial Gymnasium
South and west elevations of Memorial Gymnasium, ca. 1921-1922 Architectural Commission, architects; drawing by Walter Dabney Blair, signed Pencil on trace, 12 x 16 ¾ in. University Archives (RG-31/2/28.811)
As the design process progresses, the details of the architecture emerge. More finished drawings can lead to discussions about changes. This colored drawing by Blair of Memorial Gymnasium might have prompted discussion within the Architectural Commission that led to the more robust details and the flat-roofed entrance pavilions of the final building.
East elevation of Memorial Gymnasium
East elevation of Memorial Gymnasium, 1922 Architectural Commission, architects; W.R.C., draftsman Ink on linen, 29 ½ x 47 in. University Archives (RG-31/1/2:28.891)
These drawings are elevations: each shows a vertical plane of the building. Elevations can be used to communicate interiors or exteriors.