A Curious Hieroglyphick Bible

Book of Revelation II

The two "Hieroglyphick" Bibles on display were used to teach young children verses from Revelation, and a Bible from 1726 depicts the resurrection of the dead from Revelation 20:12 on its title page. This timeline culminates in the great battle with the Antichrist, whom American and English Protestants identified with the Catholic Church, as the illustration of Foxe's book makes clear.

A Curious Hieroglyphick Bible II

At right and above: A Curious Hieroglyphick Bible. Or, Select passages in the Old and New testaments, represented with emblematic figures, for the amusement of youth: designed chiefly to familiarize tender age, in a pleasing and diverting manner, with the early ideas of the Holy Scriptures: to which are subjoined, a short account of the lives of the Evangelists, and other pieces/ illustrated with nearly five hundred cuts. [Worcester]: Printed at Worcester, Massachusetts by Isaiah Thomas and sold at his bookstore, 1788.

A New Hieroglyphick Bible

At right: A New Hieroglyphick Bible, with Devotional Pieces for Youth/ containing four hundred cuts, by Adams. New York: Published by J.C. Riker, 1849. Gift of Reverend William Wyllie.

A New Hieroglyphick Bible, Beasts of Revelation

At right: Page from A New Hieroglyphick Bible, Beasts of Revelation.

A New Hieroglyphick Bible, Conversion of Paul

At right: Page from A New Hieroglyphick Bible, Conversion of Paul.