The Church Legacy

Letter of Alexander Hamilton to [Philip John] Schuyler
New York, New York. March 22, 1801
Hamilton in this letter to his father-in-law discusses the fire onboard the vessel which was docked in Havenshaw Bay while he and his wife were aboard.

Letter of Philip John Schuyler to Angelica Church
Albany, New York. Aug. 4, 1804
He expresses grief and sorrow over the death of Alexander Hamilton, and sympathy for his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, and their children.

Letter of E[lizabeth] W. van Rensselaer to Nicholas Low
Edinburgh. Aug. 10, 1840
Family descendants continued their strong attachment to Europe as evidenced by this description of the Grand Tour. Paris as always holds a strong attachment, "... the Parisian Capital ... must pronounce the place of places."

Letters of Abraham Lincoln and Winfield Scott
August 18, 1862 and 1865
The descendants of the Church family continued their tradition of service and involvement with their country as evidenced by Lincoln's introduction for Louis McLane Hamilton, descendant of Alexander Hamilton, and Winfield Scott's autograph note to Cornelia Cruger who requested a "memento of the oldest soldier of the age."