"Typical University of Virginia Students"

4 pen-and-ink cartoons drawn by Carlton Abbot in April 1962 for the University of Virginia Magazine published by the Jefferson Society. Gift of B.F.D. Runk.

"The Ghoul"

Amusements: Bicycling, Chess, Newcomb Hall; Clothes: Stretch Socks, Leggett's Galoshes, Clearasil; Drink: Vanilla, Coke, Teem; Girls: Night-Stand Books; Places Never Seen: Cavalier, Down the Road


"The Pseudo"

Amusements: Raven Room, I. M., Cave Club; Clothes: Ascot, Pipe, Blue Blazer, Yellow Shirt; Drink: Jack Daniels, Heineken; Girls: Sweet Briar, Bennett; Places Never Seen: Gym, Waffle Shop, White Spot


"The Jock"

Amusements: Gym, Weight Room, Pool Parlor, White Spot; Clothes: UVA Sweatshirts, Leather Sleeve Jackets; Drink: Sly Fox, Gunther, Black Lab, Orange Ade from the Sandwich Man; Girls: Bimbos, Lane, Townies; Places Never Seen: Blair House, Sweet Briar College


"The Good Guy"

Amusements: Road Trips, Tube Army R. O. T. C., Italian 1-2; Clothes: Eljo's, Weejuns and White Socks, Dickie's, Old Spice, Frayed Collars; Drink: V. B., National Boh.; Girls: Mary Washington, Hollins; Places Never Seen: Newcomb and Cabell Halls, Library