All portraits of jazz musicians are by William P. Gottlieb.

The exhibition was on loan from the Edward J. Gottlieb Collection, Library of Congress.

The exhibition’s tour was managed by Smith Kramer Fine Arts.


The University of Virginia Library staff would like to thank WTJU 91.1 FM and Charles W. Taylor III for the loan of original album covers to the physical exhibition and for the exhibition soundtrack.

Graphic design of exhibition logo and printed materials by Josef Beery.

Illinois Jacquet and Sidney Bechet are the musicians featured on the exhibition logo.


University of Virginia Library staff who worked on the exhibition and website:

George Riser (Special Collections) curated the section on Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance.

Garry Barrow (Communications) designed and built the original exhibition website. The current website was built in Omeka by the Online Library Environment team.

Bradley Daigle, Jeanne Pardee, and Elise Pugh in Rare Materials Digital Services digitized the Special Collections materials for the exhibition website.

Mercy Quintos, Charlotte Morford, Tanya Stanciu, and the staff of the Communications department also worked on this project.