Curated by Heather Moore Riser and George Riser
Special Collections, University of Virginia Library

We would like to thank from the University of Virginia: Sara Lee Barnes, Garry Barrow, Lynda Fuller Clendenning, Doug Chestnut, Bradley Daigle, Mike Furlough, Jeffrey L. Hantman, Alan B. Howard, Melissa Kennedy, Larissa Mehmet, Kate Moomaw, Jenry Moorsman, Kathryn Morgan, Peter Onuf, Hoke Perkins, Michael Plunkett, Mercedes Quintos, Laura Schmoyer, Charlotte Scott, Douglas Seefeldt, Clinton Sisson, Blair Tinker, Shannon Wilson, and the University of Virginia Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Project.

Others we would like to thank: Peter A. Agelasto III; Richard E. Ailstock; Arlene Anns; Joan Benson; Nick Bon-Harper; Ralph Ehrenberg; Ronald E. Grim; John R. Herbert; Kat Imhoff; William Irwin; Fraser Neiman; Lloyd T. Smith, Jr.; Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation; Independence National Historical Park, National Park Service, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; and Archaeology Department, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Charlottesville, Virginia.

The 1995 exhibition was the brainchild of Guy Benson, a member of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. In the summer of 1995, the foundation met in Charlottesville to acknowledge Jefferson’s hometown as the beginning of that trail. Mr. Benson wanted to create an exhibition that would display the maps that Jefferson had owned as he planned the Lewis and Clark expedition.


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