The Most of Special Collections

For The Most of Special Collections, U.Va. Library staff and friends identified twenty-one categories that would provide superlative examples of the Library's collections, and within each category they made appropriate selections for display. The description of each item in the exhibition was written by the person who chose the item. The exhibit was curated by Felicia Johnson and Kendon Stubbs, with contributions by Terry Belanger, Christina Deane, Jeanne Hammer, Margaret Hrabe, Felicia Johnson, Ervin Jordan, Heather Moore, Kathryn Morgan, Michael Plunkett, George Riser, Ann Southwell, and Kendon Stubbs.


This website is the online version of the exhibition The Most of Special Collections. The physical exhibit was on view from January through April 1997 in the Tracy W. McGregor Room of the University of Virginia Library's Alderman Library.