Synthetic Fabrics and Blotters

Non-woven polyester fabrics like Reemay and Hollytex are often employed as a support or interleaving for paper being washed or dried between blotters or being flattened under weights. These fabrics resist tearing and shedding (producing lint or dust), and they help to wick away moisture. Due to their non-stick properties, they may act as a buffer between adhesive repairs and tacking irons or dry mount presses.

Similarly, silicone-coated release paper often serves as a shield between heat-set tissue applications and a heat source, like a tacking iron or dry mount press. It might be compared to parchment paper used in baking cookies and other yummies.

Blotting paper, on the other hand, is designed to absorb dampness and speeds up the drying process by wicking away excess moisture.