The physical exhibition was held in the Tracy McGregor Room of Alderman Library from October 6, 1995 through January 6, 1996.

Special Thanks To Those Who Graciously Lent Items for the Exhibit:

Mrs. Katherine K. Ayers, Charlottesville, Virginia
Mrs. S.J. Gamble, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Matthias E. Kayhoe, School of Architecture
K. Edward Lay, School of Architecture
Don A. Swofford, Charlottesville, Virginia
Dr. John T. Thornton, Jr., Charlottesville, Virginia
The Valentine Museum, Richmond,Virginia
A Friend of the University Library

To Those Who Gave of Their Time and Talents:

Marsha V. Frick, Jefferson Madison Regional Library
Omer Allan Gianniny, Professor Emeritus of Engineering
Kaylyn Hipps, Catholic University of America
Pauline Page, University of Virginia Printing Services
Cindy Stratton, Barrett Day Care Center
Richard Guy Wilson, the School of Architecture

And to the Many Staff Members of the University of Virginia Library Whose Assistance and Advice were Invaluable:

Lara Ashmore, Edmund Berkeley, Guinevere Christmann, Cary Coleman, Christina Dean, Jeanne Hammer, Margaret Hrabe, Gregory Johnson, Heather Moore, Jeanne Pardee, Michael Plunkett, George Riser, Rose Salmon, Clinton Sisson, Vienna Wilson.

This exhibit was made possible in part through financial support from The Office of the President of the University of Virginia and The Associates of the University of Virginia Library.