"Burning of University of Virginia"

Sunday, October 27, 1895


On October's Sabbath morning,
On our minds shall long remain,
Our noble University
In a fiery wave was slain.

O grand and noble structure
Of our nation's honored fame,
Should be the chosen victim
Of a wild and angry flame.

O ye time-honored professors,
Did your manly deeds impart,
Now view the chaotic debris
With a sad and aching heart.

O ye proud and gallant firemen,
With your fearless deeds of skill,
Could not save the grand old structure,
The pride of Charlottesville.

With a short supply of water
And very much need of rain,
The strong, unceasing gale
Hissed on the angry flame.

O Jefferson's noble daughter,
With thy walls of learning high!
Inevitable seemed thy fate,
For thou, alas! must die.

O modest Jefferson's statue,
Gently laid upon the sod,
Close to the staunch foundation
Where in former days he trod.

Thou art a graven image,
On thy worthy pedals stand,
Preserve the noble work
Of an artistic sculptor's hand.

O thou learned School of Athens,
Of many centuries old,
We in the Sacred Volume
By the fearless Paul are told.

Yea, proud old School of Athens,
With thy much learning! Do we know
With all thy pride and learning
On smoldering embers glow.

On yonder mountain summit
Beneath its red'ning clay,
The decomposed body
Of Thomas Jefferson lay.

Grand and lofty Monticello,
Of wide renown and fame,
May long remain untarnished
To adorn our Jefferson's name.

O renowned old Monticello,
Thou art a historic dome;
Long may stand thy noble walls
To show our Jefferson's home.

O may we learn a lesson
Of love, patience, hope and trust,
Looking ever unto God,
For he is ever just.

May God direct our efforts
And bless what we have done,
Rebuild again in honor
Of our noble Jefferson.


Union Mills, Va.

One-half to be given to University fund.