Sublime Anxiety was curated by Natalie Regensburg.

The digital version of Sublime Anxiety: The Gothic Family and The Outsider was designed and constructed by Courtney Boissonnault, research assistant in the Special Collections Digital Center.

Materials from the collection were digitized using the center's HPScanJet flatbed scanners, Kontron ProgRes model 3012 digital camera and PhotoPhase Plus digital camera. Images were enhanced for web display using Adobe Photoshop 4.0. The digital exhibit is optimized for viewing on a monitor that supports the display of 24-bit color.

Natalie Regensburg, Exhibit Curator, would like to thank Kathryn Morgan, George Riser, Michael Plunkett, Kendon Stubbs, Forrest Ackerman, Heather Moore, Margaret Hrabe, Caroline Breashears, Felicia Johnson, Courtney Boissonnault, Robin Tomlin, Pat Hardy, Kenneth O. Jensen, Mike Furlough, Terry Belanger, Jennifer Meyer, Lorraine Jordan, Sara Lee Barnes, Jeanne Hammer, Brent Hoosier, Josef Beery, and Paul's Cantor's class in Spring 1998 for offering a construct for thinking about the Gothic.

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