Hereford College
Photograph of Hereford College, 1993
As another alternative to Greek life and to help students establish an identity in the ever-growing student body, innovative architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien planned Hereford College to emulate the successful residential colleges at Yale University. On a distant site west of central grounds, they recast the Academical Village in a series of finger-like residence halls projecting off a terraced lawn terminating in a dining hall. The complex was an effort to anchor the lives of 525 undergraduates on a satellite campus.
Emmet Street Parking Garage
Photograph of Emmet Street Parking Garage, 2008 Courtesy of Garth Anderson, photographer
As part of a series of new satellite parking areas around grounds, the Emmett Street Parking Garage replaced the Memorial Gymnasium parking lot in the 1990s. With 400 parking spaces, a student bookstore, and the requisite red brick and white trim, the garage was intended to alleviate issues of orientation for visitors and traffic around the Academical Village. The suburban symbol dwarfs Memorial Gymnasium and anchors the western edge of central grounds.
Rendering of the Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library
Rendering of the front elevation and below-ground section of the Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature, and Culture and the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, 2000 Hartman-Cox Architects, architects; rendering by Hook
The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, designed by Hartman-Cox in 2002, combines the University’s special collections library with spaces for exhibitions, programs, and teaching. While Alderman Library’s architects handled the difficult hillside by pushing the bulk of the building off the back of the hill, Hartman-Cox positioned 80% of the facility’s square footage below ground. With deceitfully scaled buildings dedicated to research and study, the quad envisioned by Campbell in the 1920s is now the center of undergraduate academics at the University.