Family and Friends

Martha Jefferson Randolph (1772-1836) was the daughter of Thomas and Martha Jefferson. She married Thomas Mann Randolph and gave birth to eleven children.

Abbaye Royale de Panthemont
Jefferson's daughter Martha attended school in Paris at this convent school run by the abbess, Madame Béthisy de Mézières. Martha was joined at the school by her sister Mary in 1787. Angelica Church's daughter Catharine was, at times, a classmate of the Jefferson daughters. Shown here are copies of the only eighteenth century engravings of the school from Oeuvres d'architecture de Pierre Contant d'Irvy and reprinted in the Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Also shown is a hand written list by Martha Jefferson of her classmates at the abbey. The asterisks note those that she knew best. Catharine is not on this particular list.

Letter of Jefferson to Catharine Church
Philadelphia. Jan. 11, 1798
Jefferson mentions how both of his daughters reside at times with the families of their respective husbands "but I still count on their passing the greater part of their time at Monticello."

Two letters of Jefferson to Catharine Church
Philadelphia. Jan. 22, 1800 ; Washington. March 27, 1801
Jefferson's letters to Catharine Church focus on the birth and health of his grandchildren and children, especially the status of motherhood.

Letter of Jefferson to Catharine Church
Washington. Dec. 15, 1808
Jefferson's letter to Catharine Church expresses close family ties, especially in regard to the children. Jefferson writes that Martha is "now the mother of a numerous family."