Kings, Rulers, Matters of State

Letter of President George Washington to Angelica Church
Philadelphia. Dec. 4, 1798

Two letters of the Marquis de Lafayette to Angelica Church
Vianen. April 19, 1799
Auteuil. Floreal 24 (May 14), 1805
The Marquis was a childhood acquaintance of Angelica and a friend of her father, General Philip Schuyler, and he had often visited their home in Albany.

Letter of Angelica Church to HRH George, the Prince of Wales
New York. March 25, 1811
This is the only letter from Angelica's hand preserved in the Archive. She thanks the Prince for his reception of her son John and begs that he also receive her eldest, and favorite son, Philip. Angelica had been a member of the Prince's social circle while she resided in London.

Letter of Thomas Jefferson to John Church
Philadelphia. Dec. 11, 1793