The Muse and the Salon

Letter of Francisco d'Ageno to Angelica Church
Armida Gardens at Cosway. Sept. 21, 1787
D'Ageno chastizes Angelica because he was unable to find her in London as promised. He provides news of Maria Cosway who is in Paris. "She receives the homages of all the agreeable French gentlemen ... If you intend to arrive in that Metropolis very soon, I must warn you as a friend, not to incroach too much on her conquest for fear great disputes should arrive between you and her." D'Ageno may be referring to a rivalry between Angelica and Maria for the affections of Thomas Jefferson. Maria also alludes to some jealousy in a letter she writes to Jefferson in 1787, but the dispute did not last long. D'Ageno continues, "I am confident prudence will rule your future conduct on that account," and no other reference to a rift between the great friends is noted.

Letter of Maria Cosway to Thomas Jefferson
London. April 29, 1788
Maria Cosway writes Jefferson about her desire to return to Paris and revisit her friends, including Angelica Church. This letter is from the Papers of Thomas Jefferson in the University of Virginia Library.

Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Angelica Church
Paris. Sept. 21, 1788
In his letter, Mr. Jefferson references a duplicate commission he arranged for Mrs. Church of the multi- volume set on Herculaneum.