The digital version of the Tibetan Book of the Dead was designed and constructed by Courtney Danforth and Felicia Johnson, Assistant Coordinator, Special Collections Digital Center with aesthetic guidance from Edward Gaynor, Associate Director of Special Collections.

Materials from the physical exhibit were digitized by staff in the Special Collections Digital Center using the center's PhotoPhasePlus digital cameras, HPScanJet flatbed scanners and the Kontron ProgRes model 3012 digital camera.

The physical exhibition was on view in the Tracy W. McGregor Room of Alderman Library from November 2, 1997 through March 14, 1998. The exhibition was curated by Bryan Jare Cuevas, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Religious Studies, UVA. Advisors were Gregory Alexander Hillis, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Religious Studies, UVA; Nawang Thokmey, Library Assistant, Tibetan Collection, Alderman Library, UVA; and Steven Neal Weinberger, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Religious Studies, UVA

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