The Bouquet 1914-1916

The crowning achievement of the four Frost children (Lesley, Carol, Irma, and Marjorie) according to Lesley Lee Francis in her book The Frost Family's Adventure in Poetry:

"An in-house manuscript magazine assembled and contributed to by the four Frost children, chosen friends and several parents. Lesley had initiated the project in the summerhouse in Beaconsfield, to be continued at Little Iddens and briefly in Franconia; it was she who would type and assemble the little magazine, a single copy of which was to be issued monthly, with stories, poems, essays, and illustrations by the invited contributors. The finished copy would then be circulated to the subscribing families."

It would bridge the Frost's family's stay in Beaconsfield and Ryton/Dymock, in England, and Franconia, New Hampshire, in America, and it would bring together in a common enterprise the different literary families who had befriended the American poet.

The six surviving issues were presented to the Clifton Waller Barrett Library by Lesley Lee Francis and Elinor F. Wilbur on November 18, 1986: June, 1914; July, 1914; September, 1914; January, 1915; April, 1915; June, 1916.