For their Generosity and Support

The family of Mary and David Harrison, through the Flowerdew Hundred Foundation, gave the hundreds of thousands of artifacts that comprise the Flowerdew Hundred Collection to the University of Virginia Library in 2008. Their generosity ensures that the collection continues to be accessible for study, enabling current and future generations of researchers to realize the collection’s possibilities.


Exhibition Team

Advisors to the Exhibition

Mike Barber, Virginia State Archaeologist; Jeff Hantman, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, U.Va.; Deanna Beacham, American Indian Program Manager, Chesapeake Bay Office at National Park Service


Hayden Bassett, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology, College of William & Mary; Elizabeth Bollwerk, Ph.D., Department of Anthropology, U.Va., and Researcher, Flowerdew Hundred Collection; and Karen Shriver, Curator, Flowerdew Hundred Collection

With assistance from Hoke Perkins, Mercy Quintos Procaccini, and Caroline Sharp


Thank you to the lenders to the exhibition

Monticello, The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.
University of Virginia Department of Anthropology

Special Thanks

A special thanks to all who have provided assistance with this project:

Lynette Allston, Council Chair and Chief Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia, Inc.; Mike Barber, Virginia State Archaeologist; Deanna Beacham, American Indian Program Manager, Chesapeake Bay Office at National Park Service; Edward Chappell, Shirley & Richard Roberts Director of Architectural & Archaeological Research, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Jeff Hantman, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, U.Va.; Stephen Henry; Charles Hodges, William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research; Sue Perdue; Sara Rivers-Cofield, Curator of the Federal Collections at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory; Beth Roach, Interpretive Planner, Storyteller, and Educator at Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia; Crandall Shifflett, Emeritus Professor of History, Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Christopher Stevenson, School of World Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University; Karenne Wood, Director, Virginia Indian Program, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

U.Va. Library staff in Administration, Communications, Digital Curation Services, Facilities, Harrison Institute, Library IT Systems, Preservation, and Special Collections, including Terry Bevington, Judy Christian, Christina Deane, Eliza Gilligan, Debra Guy, Margaret Hrabe, Sean McCord, Guy Mengel, George Riser, Heather Riser, Regina Rush, Louis Spry

Exhibition Design and Production

Exhibition design by Riggs Ward Design; mounts and installation by Exhibit Resources; installation assistance provided by Vern Buchanan and Michelle Herndon of U.Va. Facilities Management; printing by Worth Higgins

Exhibition website

Built in Omeka by Elizabeth Bollwerk, with assistance from Melinda Baumann

 and video

Exhibition imaging by Digitization Services, Digital Curation Services, U.Va. Library
Additional images courtesy of the British Museum; Folger Shakespeare Library; McClung Museum, University of Tennessee; Minneapolis Institute of Arts; National Gallery of Art; National Gallery, London; Rijksmuseum

On the Traces of Pocahontas video shown courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum and Simolab Creative AV