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Dr. William Keeler Discusses the Impact of Polio Immunization


Roanoke City Health Commissioner Dr. William Keeler urges citizens to be immunized against polio using either the Salk or Sabin vaccine. He presents a chart displaying the incidence of polio before and after widespread use of vaccines.

Polio Ten Years Later Script

Anchor Script

Anchor script text: (LIVE ON) Dr. William Keeler, Roanoke City Health Commissioner, has urged local residents to begin or complete their polio immunization program. He expressed no preference for either the Salk or the Sabin Oral vaccine, but noted that the length of time a person is protected by either, is still a matter of conjecture. This, Dr. Keeler added, makes re-immunization a necessity. (ROLL FILM) In an interview with Channel 10 news, the Health Commissioner outlined the program and its significance. (TAKE FILM, SOUND UP. END CUE: "thank you, Dr. Keeler.")