Voting Rights

Farmville Voting Rights March

1964 or 1965

Marchers begin protest walk at Beulah AME Church in Farmville, Va. The march continues on Main Street. 


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Senator J.W. Fulbright Comments on the Voting Rights Bill


At a press conference at Virginia Tech, Senator J.W. Fulbright of Arkansas warns against hasty passage of the Voting Rights Act being debated in Congress.

Fulbright Script

Anchor Script

Anchor script text: (LIVE ON) Democratic Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas commeted on Viet Nam, the space race, and voting rights legislation. Fulbright, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he (ROLL FILM) fails to see any overwheling strategic importance to be gained in South Viet Nam, but will support the Johnson Administration's policy. (TAKE FILM, SOUND UP. END CUE: "without degenerating into a major war." (FILM ROLLING. LIVE ON. 10 sec. blank leader.) While not discounting the U. S. space effort, Fulbright cautioned against a crash program. Other important projects, he feels, deserve at least equal national attention and priority. (TAKE FILM, SOUND UP. END CUE: "where priorities go in allocation of our resources.") (FILM ROLLING. LIVE ON) 10 sec. blank leader.) (LIVE ON. FILM ROLLING) Fulbright also commented that President Johnson's appeal for speedy action on a voting rights bill should not be allowed to stampede Congress into passing an unworkable bill. (TAKE FILM, SOUND UP. END CUE: "..extreme positions relating to the qualifications for voting.") (LIVE ON) Fulbright spoke on the campus of Virginia Tech, were he was among the guest speakers taking part in a seminar.