Carl Carmer. The Hudson

Carl Carmer. The Hudson. Armed Forces Edition [806]

There is much interest these days in collecting volumes published in the Rivers of America series. The Hudson was one of several books in this long series to be picked up in ASE editions.

Robert Nathan. One More Spring

Robert Nathan. One More Spring. Armed Forces Edition [R-3].

A number of ASE's in the Book Arts Press collection have the name 'Turner' written on their front covers: primitive evidence of Mr Turner's bibliophilic instincts, perhaps?

David G. Wittels. "What the GI Reads."

David G. Wittels. "What the GI Reads." in The Saturday Evening Post, 23 June 1945. Photographic reproduction.

Wittel's 1945 Saturday Evening Post article included a photograph of a Gl reading an ASE.