The original digital version of the James Rogers McConnell Memorial Collections was designed and constructed by Susannah McGowan, masters candidate in the Instructional Technology program of the Curry School of Education and student assistant in the Special Collections Digital Center, and Edward Gaynor, the director of the Center. Matthew K. Gold, former student assistant in the Digital Center scanned and processed the images in the collection. Perry Roland, Programmer/Analyst in the Digital Media Center digitized and edited ("TBP") the songs in the exhibit. Materials from the collection were digitized using the center's HPScanJet flatbed scanners, Kontron ProgRes model 3012 digital camera and PhotoPhase Plus digital camera. Images were enhanced for web display using Debabelizer 1.65 and Adobe Photoshop 4.0. The digital exhibit is optimized for viewing on a monitor that supports the display of 24-bit color.

Robin Wear, Technical Services Assistant, processed the original manuscripts and wrote the guide to the collection. Elizabeth Slomba, Project Supervisor for the American Heritage Virtual Archive Project, tagged the guide following Encoded Archival Description (EAD) guidelines.

The current website was built in Omeka by the Online Library Environment team in 2013.