Monuments and Memorials

McConnell was killed in aerial combat with two German planes, above the Somme battlefields, near the village of Flavy-le-Martel, Aisne, on March 19, 1917. He thereby became the last American pilot of the squadron to die under French colors, before American entrance into the war in April 1917.

The texts on the Carthage plaque and obelisk read:

"In honor of James Rogers McConnell, 1887-1917."

James Rogers McConnell, a citizen of Carthage, joined the French Army early in 1915 and, after two years of distinguished service, fell in heroic battle with German aeroplanes on March 19, 1917. He fought for humanity, liberty and democracy, lighted the way for his countrymen and showed all men how to dare nobly and to die gloriously.

A founder of the Lafayette Escadrille