Fighting for France: 1916

January 9, Pau

James McConnell begins flight training in Pau, located in southwestern France. He complains of having no time to himself. He mentions the arrival at Pau of Lawrence Rumsey and awaiting the arrival of Willis Bradley Haviland. He ends the letter happy that he and Marcelle had time together in Paris.

March 2, Pau

McConnell discusses the training efforts at the Ecole D'Aviation Militaire. New rule for perfection requires longer training time. Lawrence Rumsey has disappeared. Many Americans have deserted. He also comments on his unseemly conduct on his last day in Paris.

May 6, Luxeuil

The thermal baths are running short on natural water. McConnell mentions his attendance of funerals. He mentions in the letter: Elliot Christopher Cowdin, Norman Prince, Victor Chapman, and Kiffin Yates Rockwell. Furthermore, there is a description of the beautiful "Rosa" who serves beer in a cafe.