Fighting for France: 1915

April, American Hospital, Paris

McConnell's squad is to be transferred to work with French ambulances at a base located between Nancy and Pont-à-Mousson-on the front line. Affectionate farewell line, "That you are everything to me over here--or elsewhere for that matter."

April 19, Vittel

Informs Mlle. Guérin that his orders are to proceed to Pont-à-Mousson. McConnell describes his trip from Paris through the countryside of France. Some sites he mentions are La Ferté Gaucher, grave sites of soldiers, and villages destroyed by shell-fire. Upon arriving at St. Dizier, he notices that the fine hotels have been transformed into hospitals.

April 19, Mirecourt Vosges

Description of his arrival at a point near Nancy following day.

April 21, Nancy

Brief message announcing his arrival to Nancy. Postcard written in French.

April 21, Paris

McConnell's trip from Nancy to his new post has been postponed until morning.

April 22, Mirecourt Vosges

Headed to Pont-à-Mousson between two German salients.

April 23, Pont-à-Mousson

Germans atttacked, killing two children and a woman while destroying many places.

April 25, Mirecourt Vosges

Description of the countryside. McConnell drove 230 kilometers through patchwork lands of soldiers' graves and houses wrecked by the German troops.