President Jefferson's Catalogue of Books for the <br />
University of Virginia Library

President Jefferson's Catalogue of Books for the University of Virginia Library

President Jefferson's Catalogue of Books for the 
University of Virginia Library

This, the first catalogue of the University of Virginia Library, is a list of books, with date and place of publication, size, and price estimated in some cases, in the hand of Virginia Randolph, Jefferson's granddaughter. The text indicated below is the covering letter from Jefferson to William Hilliard. At the end of the catalogue is the following in Jefferson's hand: "The preceding catalogue is that of the books with the purchase of which Mr. Wm. Hilliard is charged on behalf of the University of Virginia./Th. Jefferson Rector/June 3, 1825."

Dear Sir Monticello June 3.25.

The copying of our Catalogue was finished yesterday and I now
inclose it. in my letter of May 22. I mentioned that our Bursar would,
by the next mail, direct the sum of 18,000. D. to be deposited immediately
to your credit in the bank of the US. in Philadelphia. I wrote to him
yesterday to know if the deposit was actually made, and recieved [sic] the an-
-swer now inclosed; so that I presume the thing done. this is, I believe, the
last act to be performed on my part towards enabling you to proceed in
your agency; the articles of our agreement and my letter of May 22. leav-
ing further instruction unnecessary, except to add that if the sum com-
-mitted to you should, contrary to expectation, fall short of the purchase
of the whole catalogue, the purchase must cease with the exhausture of
the funds. In that letter I requested three particular books to be pur-
-chased in the country, if to be had, and forwarded without delay, to wit,
Turner, Langard, and Brodie. I must now request you to purchase in the
country, and send on to us immediately, the following also

360 Chapman's Materia Medica Eberle 450
360 Cox's American Dispensatory Barton, medical botany; 1800
1200 Bigelow's medical botany Pharmacopeia of the United States 137
270 Dewees', Midwifery. Beck, medical jurisprudence.
945 Rush', works Hist. of England--3000

All these, as well as the Harvard duplicates, may be considered as a part
of the general purchase. their safest & best conveyance will always be by
water, addressed to Col. Peyton. it will be a great gratification to me
to hear from you from time to time, and so often as you can, in the
course of your agency, and to know how you are going on, your progress
and prospects, and I pray you to accept the assurance of my great esteem
and respect.


Wilson's ornithology 90.00