The Aviator : Planning a McConnell Memorial

April 2, 1917

Letter from Sarah McConnell to President Alderman in which she thanks Alderman for writing to her. She does request that her maiden name "Rogers" appears on whatever memorial might be dedicated to her son.

October 15, 1917

Mrs. McConnell writes President Alderman that she does not approve of Carthage, North Carolina as the recipient of the plaque given by the French Government. She wishes the plaque to go to the University or that the French government provide two identical plaques-one for Carthage and one for the University.

October 18, 1917

President Alderman replies to Mrs. McConnell in a most cordial manner. He explains that by not putting the plaque in North Carolina would prove a most "indelicate" situation, since he is North Carolinian by birth. Alderman assuages the situation by informing Mrs. McConnell that money has been secured to commission an artist to begin the memorial. He explains Borglum's work to her briefly.

March 25, 1918

Alderman writes that his trip to New York will not take place due to the grippe. He requests some sort of representation of the sculpture. Alderman also includes some "artistic" suggestions to the artist.