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Dickens' spirit flask

Dickens' Spirit Flask

Georgina Hogarth, a sister-in-law of Charles Dickens and resident with Dickens’ family, verifies that this flask belonged to the author. Her note accompanying the flask explains that Dickens took it with him on his travels, including his last visit to America. Hogarth goes on to say it was kept in his bedroom at Gadshill. A letter signed by Dickens to Hogarth is also in the case.


Flag of Section Sanitaire États-Unis 516

Flag of Section Sanitaire États-Unis 516.

U.Va. in World War I

The Ambulance Section 516 was organized at the University of Virginia in May, 1917. This group of men served in France with the 66th French, a division of Chasseurs Alpins, from February, 1918, until March, 1919. Their flag bears the Croix de Guerre awarded for the unit’s distinguished service. The stars on it represent the Division and Corps merit citations.


Barnacles From Many Bottoms

Typophiles (New York, NY). Barnacles From Many Bottoms, Scraped and Gathered for BR by the Typophiles. New York: Harbor Press, 1935.

Bruce Rogers

This is a retrospectus by F.W Goudy to honor the twenty books designed by Bruce Rogers that reached the highest points at auction sales in America. This is number 70 of 100 copies printed.


Persian-style slippers

From the Papers of Alan F. S. Mackenzie.

Persian Slippers

While stationed in Pakistan, Colonel Mackenzie was given these Persian-style slippers. The slippers, jooti, were handmade by Baluchistan craftsmen in Quetta, Pakistan. The slippers were ordered especially for Mackenzie by Colonel Abdur Razak Khan in 1952. It is reported that Mackenzie did wear them, but found them uncomfortable.


Churchill’s cigar

Churchill’s Cigar

Prime Minister Winston Churchill was seldom seen without his cigars. He had them specially made in Havana, by the La Corona Company, labeled with his name, and individually boxed. This particular one was given to the United States Secretary of State, Edward R. Stettinius, reportedly at the Yalta Conference, which they both attended.