Most Royal II

Invitation to Wedding of Lady Astor’s Daughter

Nancy Langhorne Astor (1879-1964) was a native Virginian who grew up in Richmond and at "Mirador" in western Albemarle County. She was married to Viscount William Waldorf Astor and resided in England. When her husband entered the House of Lords, Lady Astor was elected to his seat in the House of Commons, retaining her seat until 1945. She maintained close ties with her Virginia family and friends. This invitation to her daughter Phyllis’s wedding was sent to Frederick W. Neve and is part of the Neve Papers.


Kennedy Photograph

As a senator, John F. Kennedy visited the University of Virginia as the principal speaker at the first Law Alumni Day banquet on March 8, 1958. Pictured with him were his wife, Jacqueline, and brothers Robert and Edward, both of whom attended the University of Virginia Law School. Another visit to the University was being planned after his election as President of the United States, but was never realized because of his tragic untimely death


Jacqueline Kennedy Letter

This letter, dated April 15, 1964, was written to Jane McClary by Jacqueline Kennedy five months after the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. She writes of her gratitude to Mrs. McClary for her assistance in answering the volume of condolence mail received after the President’s death.


Photograph of Queen Elizabeth II and Luncheon Invitation

Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the University of Virginia in July of 1976 during the U. S. Bicentennial celebration.

They were entertained by Virginia Governor and Mrs. Mills Godwin at a luncheon in the Rotunda.