John Adkisson and Company Ledger

John Adkisson and Company Ledger, 1837-1838


Where Moth and Dust Doth Corrupt

This ledger used to contain the records of a general merchant with a store located somewhere near Lynchburg, Va. 

John Adkisson and Company Ledger interior

John Adkisson and Company Ledger, 1837-1838

It has since contained other things.


Papers of Mosby Garland Perrow

Papers of Mosby Garland Perrow, 1863-1962

The Manuscripts Lizard

One of the functions of our staff is to arrange manuscript collections. These collections sometimes come to us in a very primitive state, in disarray and even filth. When the Perrow Papers were originally worked on, we found a surprise visitor, the Lizard. This Lizard had long since expired, but discovering him did elicit some excitement. As a testimony to his love of documents, he now maintains a permanent residence in our collections.



T.S. Eliot, “Salutation” (later part II of Ash-Wednesday), Criterion, 7 (January, 1928), 31-32.

Another Reason to Give Up Smoking

Eliot was editor, as well as a frequent contributor to the Criterion. The cigarette burn has scorched pages almost as far as the poem on page 31.