Fighting for France: 1916

June 3, Bar de Meuse

McConnell informs Paul Rockwell that he has left Luxeuil. He has recently asked to go on a mission. He mentions Raoul Victor Lufbery, Bert Hall, Elliot C. Cowdin, Norman Prince, and Victor Chapman departed on a mission to fight the Germans. McConnell describes his first aerial combat with a German: damage to his machine and a landing in a field "where everyone smashes".

June 13, Luxeuil

James McConnell relates an event where he is looking for a German sighted over Vaux. Describes the view of Verdun through the clouds. Mentions Kiffin Yates Rockwell, Walter Lovell, Paul A. Rockwell, and Betty Baldwin.

June 26, Paris

Kiffin Yates Rockwell, Horace C. Balsley, Charles C. Johnson, Victor Chapman, and James R. McConnell made the rank of sergeant today. McConnell mentions the loss of Victor Chapman will deter prospective volunteers from entering the army.