Fighting for France: 1916

July 25, Escadrille Number 124

Walter H. Page, editor of World's Work, wants an article about American aviators to run under McConnell's name. Boys in the trenches are bearing the brunt of the war. Only four machines of the Escadrille are in commission. McConnell explains thoughts of American aviators going back.

September 4, Vitry Le Francois

McConnell's back has not improved very much. The Escadrille is leaving Bar le Meuse and he will rejoin them in Paris. McConnell asks Paul not to notify their "young lady friends" of his arrival in Paris. James also mentions news of training pilots in Newport News, Virginia who claim to have fought in France. Comments about Marcelle Guerin and her Russian "beau". Sends greetings to Kiffin Yates Rockwell, Paul's brother.