Fighting for France: 1916

November 15, Escadrille Number 124

He is located in a very misty and rainy climate. He has not received a "machine" yet. Mentions that many old friends have gone since he was last at the front. The Germans have been dropping bombs on clear nights.

December 7, Luxeuil

McConnell comments on Paul Rockwell's wedding. He mentions seeing Marcelle there. He informs her that he is moving to a point on the line nearer to Paris.

December 11, Escadrille Number 124

McConnell writes that he is honored to have been asked to be a witness at Paul's wedding. He has only flown once since his return to the Escadrille.

December 26, Luxeuil

James thanks Marcelle for her Christmas gift of a cigarette case. He also received a cigarette case from Paul A. Rockwell. Witty description of "salvation army" formed by Victor Lufbery and 'Skipper'-- "It ended by Luff holding a wash basin and I shooting holes in it with a revolver."